Booking, payment and pricing


Our policies

  • Deposit is required to secure an appointment (£20), it will then be deducted from the total. A larger deposit of £50 is required for the bookings of above the value of £200 tattoo (more then 5 hours session, and it also counts towards the total cost of the sitting).
  • You need to give us 48 hours notice for a cancellation in order to get the deposit refunded or moved to another time slot.
  • Deposits are non-refundable if a short notice is given (under 48 hours) or you change your mind and don't turn up for your appointment.
  • Deposits and appointments can be transferred, we are flexible and understand personal circumstances and happy to accommodate if you just talk to us.
  • Minimum fee is £40 as a basic setup is required regardless of the size or complexity of the tattoo.
  • We offer 30 min initial consultation free of charge to have a chance to discuss your tattoo design, ideas and produce a quote based on that so we can size your design to fit you perfectly.
  • Our prices may differ based on styles of work, so for more information on rates please contact us.
  • We accept cash, cards, PayPal or bank transfer at the end of the appointment.
  • You must be 18 to get tattooed, and relevant ID must be produced.
  • All relevant medical history and circumstances must be submitted before getting tattooed (we provide the forms during the consultation).
  • Children and babies are welcome within reception, but must be looked after properly by an adult.

Our pricing

  • Deposit £20 (£50 for large scale projects where full or half day is reserved for you).
  • Minimum fee is £40 (very small tattoos even).
  • £50 per hour rate on large pieces.
  • A block of 5 hours at £240 rate is available to book for large scale projects as well.
  • We quote per design, so for more specific information please contact us.